Curtis B. Vevang
842 N. Maple
Palatine, IL   60067
Home: 847-934-6925 - Cell: 847-340-4455
Curt's career has been devoted to providing consulting services to clients through his own company, as
an employee and as a contractor.  He is an innovative, hands on, analyst/developer with a sense of urgency
and a focus on quality.  Exceptional ability in analyzing and defining problems and providing solutions across
multi-functional areas.  

Expertise in:

•        Analysis and Systems Design -- Process improvement, business process mapping, analysis, work flow

•        Systems and Programming -- Lotus Notes Domino R4 through R8, LotusScript, LEI, Visual Basic 6,
Excel and Business Basic

•        Business Analytics / Management Science / Operations Research -- linear programming, time series
and econometric forecasting, quantitative analysis and model building

Abbott Labs - March 2007 - June 2012 - Contract Position - Lotus Notes Developer - North Chicago, IL
Assignments included:  
- The on-going maintenance and support of a large Lotus Notes application (CAPAIII) with servers in Japan,
Puerto Rico and the U.S. This consisted of maintaining the integrity of the data, as problems arose, within
strict FDA regulations.  Provided the analysis, design and programming of an LEI interface to enable this
CAPAIII application to feed data from Notes to an Oracle based data warehouse on a nightly basis.  As this
application was phased out, designed and wrote the software and XML files to migrate all of the Notes data to
a multi-year repository.   
- Provided support and enhancements to an "electronic lab notebook" Notes application with hundreds of
users worldwide
- Provided enhancements to multiple other Notes applications.

Self Employed – February 2004 – March 2007 – Provided consulting, systems and programming to
companies on a contract basis as well as through an IBM Business Partner in St. Louis.  Typical projects
included the design and development in Lotus Notes of an automobile warranty application used to evaluate
alternative insurance providers based on their qualifications, costs, options provided and the automobile’s
demographics.  This project included the basic design and implementation of a data structure and retrieval
algorithm so that the spurious data provided by the individual insurance companies could be compared

Union Tank Car Company (Employee) -- July 2001 – February 2004 – Lotus Notes Developer – Chicago, IL   
Worked with managers throughout the company to design, develop and implement several very successful
Lotus Notes work flow applications for managing: Engineering Change Orders, Production Orders, Detail
Time Reporting, Purchase Card Processing and Expense Reporting.  Also developed Customer Profile and
Pressure Relief Valve databases.  Most development was in R5.0 which was subsequently migrated to 6.0

Self Employed -- July 1996 – July 2001 -- Provided consulting, systems and programming to companies on a
contract basis as well as through other firms on either a 1099 or W2 basis. Typical project accomplishments
- The development of several web based Domino R5.0 marketing applications which provide support and
marketing intelligence, customer feedback and competitive information through both a browser and the Notes
- The support of a large multi-database Lotus Notes HR Application running in both R4.6 and 5.0.  This
application resides on multiple servers in both this country and Europe.  Assignment included solving user
problems as well as developing views, enhancing forms, exporting data and resolving R4.6/R5.0 compatibility
problems.  Actions and agents were developed and supported in both formula language and LotusScript.
- The development of a work flow oriented work order initiation, approval and tracking system for a Fortune
100 subsidiary.  This successful project was implemented in Lotus Notes 4.6 and used LotusScript
extensively.  It has resulted in reducing the elapsed time in a time critical process by more than 38%.
- Other Lotus Notes applications include: The design and programming of a labor hour reporting system in
Lotus Notes 5.0 as well as extensive LotusScript development of a test scheduling system for a large
manufacturing firm.
- The design and development of CHARTEM, a graphical Process Flow Mapping System in VB.  CHARTEM
displays and prints a consistent graphical process flow from a logical descriptive narrative.
- Departmental operations process reviews for several companies including: interviews, development of
process maps, findings and recommendations.
- Designed and programmed a simulation of the flow of products through a manufacturing and packaging
facility in VB.  The program depicts service levels over time for various reorder points and order quantities
both numerically and graphically.
- The development and delivery of numerous presentations of an eight hour seminar on Problem Solving and
Decision Making as well as presenting several three day workshops on Process Modeling and Analysis.
- Design and implementation of an Access client/server system to maintain and report account, sales rep,
product, and invoice data.  This included several Access Visual Basic modules to calculate incentive earnings
and payouts by sales rep.

Maritz Performance Improvement Company (Employee) -- St. Louis, MO -- April 1992 - July 1996 Process
Improvement Director – Acting as an internal management consultant, initiated, supported and managed
numerous process improvement and reengineering projects.  Projects ranged from the combining of
departments and processes to company wide reengineering.
- Also responsible for providing consulting and systems support to start-up operations in Mexico and Brazil.  
This entailed the design and programming in BASIC of a multi-lingual database management, processing and
report writing package.  This multi-user BTRIEVE system runs under both DOS and WINDOWS.  It was used
to build and implement several systems including a complete order entry system, an inventory system and an
incentive management system.  

Curt B. Vevang Company, Inc. -- St. Louis, MO -- April 1980 - April 1992 - President --
Started the Curt B. Vevang Company management consulting firm which provided management consulting in
the areas of systems, management science, quantitative analysis, model building and problem solving to
companies nationally.  Clients included Monsanto, Kellwood, Ralston, ChemTech, Nooter, Cooper Industries,
and Maritz.
- Employed and managed three professionals in the development of numerous models and systems for sales
forecasting, business planning, acquisition analysis, budgeting, production planning and scheduling.   
- Designed, programmed, implemented and supported a database, report writing and communication
software package consisting of 14 BASIC programs.  This system was used by our client to deliver their
“Suggestion Box” product to Fortune 500 firms around the world.  This was a multi-user BTRIEVE system
running under DOS.
- Designed, programmed and marketed a three-dimensional spread sheet system and modeling language.  
This system was used to develop business planning and financial analysis models, as well as for accounting
and budgeting applications.  Developed one version in PC BASIC that ran under DOS on the PC,  a version
in HP BASIC that ran under MPE on the HP3000 and a version in PLI that ran under OS on an IBM mainframe.

Monsanto Company -- St. Louis, MO -- June 1974 - April 1980 – Management Science Manager in the
Chemical Intermediates Division -- Developed several linear programming models to optimize production
planning and distribution in process flow manufacturing.  Also developed many time series and econometric
forecasting models which were used to project product line sales.  Designed and programmed a heuristic
algorithm in PLI to group products in a tax efficient manner within SIC classifications.  This program, which
saves millions of dollars in taxes annually, was written and implemented in 1975 and was still being used in
1999 when I converted it from PLI to Visual Basic.

Prior technical positions in industrial engineering, computer programming and operations research at
McDonnell Douglas, TransUnion Corporation, General Electric and Emerson Electric.  This work included the
development of systems for manufacturing, job shop scheduling, assembly line balancing and critical path
project management.  

BS Industrial Engineering - University of Illinois – 1963,  Member of the Dean’s Honor List while attending the
Univ. of Chicago Graduate School of Business MBA Program, 1968-1970

Have taught courses in information systems, problem solving and process modeling at St. Louis Community
College and Maryville University in St. Louis.  

References provided upon request.