Business Process Improvement
Business Process Improvement - assisting manufacturing and service companies in
improving their profit and growth opportunities through improved business processes.  

Improving business processes includes working with clients to:

- identify and define
process problems and improvement opportunities through process
mapping, data collection, analysis, mathematical modeling, interviewing, brainstorming
sessions, focus groups and surveys.

- develop key organizational metrics.

- translate corporate strategy into process strategy.

- determine goals for the process improvements which are measurable against key               
organizational metrics and consistent with process strategy.

- ensure that the selection of process improvement opportunities is based on their cost vs.     
benefit, implementation time, risk, adherence to strategy and impact on metrics.

- facilitate agreement between senior management and the team that: the problem(s) is
correctly defined, that something can be done about it, and that the process improvement will
positively impact at least one key metric.

- review cost and time constraints imposed by management.

- provide training in problem solving methodologies such as: analysis, benchmarking,           
brainstorming, interview sessions, and envisioning how to do it better.

- provide direction and facilitation during problem solving, prototyping, testing and

- plan the implementation of, implement and monitor the process improvement.

                                    Copyright 2009 by Curt Vevang