It is generally accepted that people are either left brained or
right brained.  Engineers are considered left brain
creatures, analytical and methodical.  That's why we are
called propeller heads and wear white socks.  

Conversely, those that are the "more creative types", like
poets are considered to be right brained.  They wear
sandals and no socks.

This leads us to the question:
1. Would you rather drive over a bridge designed by a poet?
2. Or read a poem written by an engineer?

This book contains many poems written by an engineer.  
Will you like them all?  I doubt it.  Will you dislike them all?  I
doubt that also.  But what you will be happy to find out (as of
course you already know) is that engineers in general are
equally as creative as poets.

Many of the poems in this book have won recognition in
poetry contests.  Of those that haven't, many should have but
didn't because they were judged by poets rather than by