Consulting Services
Systems and Programming - Programming in Lotus Notes and Domino - R4 through R8, LotusScript,
Visual Basic, JavaScript, Access, Excel and Business Basic.  I thrive on complex logic!

3-D Printing and Prototyping

Business Process Improvement - Business Process Mapping, Review and Improvement - (See Process
Improvement page.)

Senior Manager Sounding Board - I provide business owners and senior managers with confidential
evaluations and answers to business problems with the objectivity of an outsider.  

Management Analytics - I can assist you in addressing your cost and profitability concerns by developing
quantitative business planning models, econometric and time series sales forecasts, and financial
optimization models.

Employee/ Customer/ Supplier Assessment Surveys - The insight gained through confidential surveys
can help to improve employee and customer attitudes toward service and quality.   I provide these
confidential surveys, interviews and/or focus groups, tailored to the situation, resulting in documented target
problem areas,  opportunities, concerns and suggestions for improvement.