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Treat others the way
you would like to be treated!
How simple is that?
In Greek mythology this Greek Island of
Mykonos was the location of the battle
between Zeus and the Titans.
I'm glad Zeus won, who knows what Cronos
would have done with this lovely island.
What matters most at the end of the day
is not our success or the things we say.
Our only measure is not our life's plan,
but how we treat our fellow man.

Curt Vevang
People have answers, they can't wait to share.
Advice is profuse. Solutions are rare.
Real Gifts Are Too Large to Fit in a Box

To those that are dear, give your time,
to those that are sick, give your care.
To those that are glad, share their joy,
to those that are poor, give your share.
If folks are different, have respect,
and if they are down, give your love.
This surely must be the meaning
intended for us from above.

Curt Vevang

New York plans to ban the sale of big sizes of sugary
drinks to combat rising obesity.

Not to worry -  you can still buy cigarettes to kill yourself
and hand guns to kill others.